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From us, you will receive fiscal advice necessary for the success of your business - of course specialising in the areas of financial services, insurance and property. 

Hereby, we work closely with your existing consultants or, at your request, with our cooperation partners.

Our cooperation can be arranged for specific projects or on a long term basis.

Tax Returns

Preparing and compiling tax returns is more than just mechanically filling in numbers on a form.

Many fundamental decisions are made within the framework of the tax return. We will tell you what they are and compile your tax returns perfectly suited to your business.

Tax planning

Included here is the optimal choice of legal structure for your company, the tax efficient  design of your private affairs, the fiscal design of succession rules or also structuring international investments as well as comparisons of tax burdens.

We are here to prepare the decisions together with you and to support you with their implementation. Depending on the assignment of tasks, we work with your experts in legal advice, auditing, corporate finance and , at your request, with our cooperation partners.


In a changing environment, the requirements with regard to your company's legal and tax structures will also change.

We will help you stay up to date.

Financial services institutions

As a financial services institution according to Art. 1 (1a) of the German Banking Act [Kreditwesengesetz], you have to react to the specific requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Agency (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) and the German Central Bank (Bundesbank).

We will help you with this.

International fiscal law

Are you active in other countries or would like to invest there? We will show you what this means in terms of taxes and assist you.

You would like to become active or invest in Germany?

We will help you with German tax laws.  Working closely with your consultants in your home country and our cooperation partners, we will synchronise the fiscal mechanism.
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IDD Umsetzung verpatzt

IDD-Umsetzung verpatzt: Versicherungsberater stehen ohne Gesetz da

04.10.2017 Mit der Umsetzung der EU-Versicherungsvertriebsrichtlinie IDD hat der Gesetzgeber die Rechtsgrundlage für die Erlaubnis der Versicherungsberater aufgrund einer Unachtsamkeit beseitigt. Für die Versicherungsberater hat dies dennoch ernsthafte Konsequenzen. Für sie und den Gesetzgeber besteht akuter Handlungsbedarf.